Moving back a bit

Let’s take a few steps back in time. I never got to write about how I was visited by some of my very best friends around New Year’s.

On 31 December Francisco and Giulio came from Rome to Copenhagen. We went immediately to Dyrehaven, the large park North of the city, with my family. We always go there on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve to drink hot chocolate and eat æbleskiver which is a sort of doughnuts without the icing.

I loved having my friends joining in on this family tradition. And I think they enjoyed it too even though it was quite cold and windy.
Returning to the city we went to my parents’ house to see the Christmas tree and then join my aunt to watch the Queen’s New Year’s speech while drinking champagne. I don’t know why it is so important to me, but I was very happy to show them our Christmas tree. Every family praises their Christmas tree. But I have to disappoint you: Ours it the prettiest and now Giulio and Francisco know it…

New Year’s Eve it self we spent at my house with good food and good wine and then lots of fireworks in the local town hall square. I think this is the best way to spend that evening – with such close friends.

The day after we went to see the new playhouse on the waterfront. It officially opened this Saturday and I heartily recommend anyone to go there and enjoy the splendid architecture. I am completely flabbergasted – it is amazing!

The 2nd of January we drove to the Swedish country house. And it snowed! Which meant the first real snow for Francisco. Ever! That’s life when you are from Portugal… Let’s just say he enjoyed it – and so did I!

Running in the snow. Just for the fun of it.<img

Giulio and I waving like good children.

We also went to see the Christinehof castle. I hadn’t been there since August when my cousin was married. The difference was substantial.

The last morning before their departure we went to breakfast at a new bar: Karriere. Very fancypancy.
Aw – gooood friends:

Then a couple of weeks later Carsten came. Another good friend arriving from Germany. The good thing about Carsten is that he loves the same things that I love: Music, food and… well more music and more food. And cakes and tea. And art…(almost forgot that serious part).
So we cooked and dined and wined and went to the Opera and watched good films and all that.

I think all years should begin this way. In the company of friends – best friends – the kind you trust and love without stinginess or worries about their steadfastness. After a year with some terrible changes in my circle of friends it’s good to know that some of the greatest are still there. You may call me high-flown but that’s what New Year’s is for. Even in February.


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One Response to Moving back a bit

  1. Lukas says:

    Quite ‘moving’. I hope I’ll begin a new year like that sometime.

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