When I began writing my dissertation in art history I soon realised that I needed to get out of the house if my working days should not end up in washing dishes, polishing windows and other sorts of displacement activity. Luckily the Women’s Building (a foundation for the futhering of women’s rights) has a number of offices let to female students writing their dissertation. The rent is almost nothing so it’s more like a grant which requires only one thing – that you are female. If all other merits should fail me at least that I am!

Church of the Holy Spirit. Helligåndskirken. Copenhagen. København

This is not the Women’s Building. This is the view from my office. The Church of the Holy Spirit which is one of the oldest churches in Copenhagen. Me likes. And I especially like that the bells of the tower make a little concert every day at noon before a short mass. Today they had a Mozart theme with Zerlina and Don Giovanni’s duet La ci darem la mano from Don Giovanni and then from The Magic Flute Papageno’s Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen wünscht Papageno sich. Awesome coming from a bell tower!

Another daily occurrence at noon is the gathering of five to seven middle aged men who meet in the church square to drink beer and spirits. Quite odd. At least their punctuality both at arriving and leaving again three quarters of an hour later conflicts somewhat with the purpose of their meeting. Or am I being priggish?

And the studies? Splendid, splendid. Moving on nicely and much thanks to being here with all my books and masses of photocopies. So good to get away from home and not having all these remedies all over the house. And so good to be off when I am at home. Much recommended for all coming dissertation writers!


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