Cold Turkey

Long silence I know. But my internet broke down at home and at the same time the connection in my office chose to fail. One of them is back – and so am I!

In the meantime I have had the pleasure of finishing two programmes for the Opera. Lucio Silla by Mozart directed by Christof Loy and L’incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi directed by David McVicar. The last one will premiere on Sunday.

I have also been visited by two very good friends from Rome – we celebrated New Year together. When they left I was attacked by a massive cold but fortunately I had no time for melancholy at their departure, so cold and good spirits have been in a day’s work for the last week.

And then of course Christmas. For the first time without any guests at my parents’ house, since my granny died in September. Well… of course we were 6 people and 4 cats anyway. Talk about a freak show! And later on we got even more people (but less cats) when going to my aunt’s Christmas party. Very nice! And nice presents too…

So you see – I did survive the internet cold turkey, the cold, and Christmas. Hope you did the same. Or whatever you have had to cope with!

Here I bring you a quiet Christmas moment. Simao the Cat with his favourite pearl necklace.



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One Response to Cold Turkey

  1. Rughino says:

    Nice to have you on line again!
    We miss your news in the blog!
    And we want to now everything about your two dearest friends, with whom you celebrate the new year…
    And, of course: have an very happy new year, with opera and thesis and Andrarum – dreamland!

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