Facebook depression

So the Danish election more or less ended in status quo. Most depressing for me and all my friends (except one who was re-elected into Parliament…and member of the ruling party).

Pia Kjærsgaard og Anders Fogh

Anders Fogh Rasmussen ready for another tango with Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of the extreme right.

The depression had its most immediate outlet on Facebook. Here is a list of how my friends described their feelings on the status line (you know “Anna is…” and then you write something like “happy” or “sad” or whatever) just after election night. You will have to guess the names or imagine them, but here goes:

… is preparing herself for four more years

… is feeling depressed

… is upset with Danish election result

… is having a bad day. Danmark er et lorteland fyld med hvide højreorienterede svin. (english: Denmark is a shit country full of white right wing swine)

… is mourning over the non-happening change of government. Denmark is becoming extreme! If not for the prices on beer I would emigrate to Norway.

… is shocked by the Danes actually wanting a fascist government for another four years. Soooo disappointed now!

… is moving to some other country where Anders Fogh is not heading the government for ever and ever and ever.

Cheers to that! And then there are the ones that I just assume are concerned with the election. But you never know…:

… is invisible and moving to an undisclosed location.

… is ready to kill whoever is guilty.

So who actually voted for the government? I don’t know. They don’t live in my ghetto.


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2 Responses to Facebook depression

  1. Leonne says:

    Hello Annina,
    Could you tell me more about Danish politics and the government there is in Danmark?
    I am interested, living in the Netherlands, to know whether Danmark is still the country of the Vikings of the old times.
    Greetings, Leonne

  2. zmfrederick says:


    Nice post about Facebook usage. I just wrote an article summing up a whole bunch of different studies and surveys about Facebook addiction, the concept of frenemies, and why depression and other things affect heavy social media users.

    Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

    We’re also conducting a survey on Facebook usage, check it out here:

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