I harbour a great love for the actor, comedian, poet, artist, and Nobel laureate Dario Fo whom I feel privileged to have experienced live on three occasions. One of them with my late grandfather here in Copenhagen in a master class with Danish actors. In that context, with a simultaneous interpreter, Dario Fo easily reached a Danish audience but otherwise he can be a bit difficult to share for a Danish fan. Most of his shows requires knowledge of Italian.

Dario Fo

But then some of his sketches are in the invented language Grammelot a sort of gibberish with some recognisable words here and there to lead the listener in the right direction. With a bit of explanation such a sketch is understandable and funny even to a foreign audience.

So I present you with La fame dello Zanni – Zanni’s Hunger. Zanni is a commedia dell’arte character and he is always famished. In this piece he is so hungry that he seriously contemplates eating his eye, his ear, his bowels – even his mouth! He threatens the audience to eat them one by one. He wants to eat the mountains and as he looks to the sky he curses God for his unfortunate situation and asks if he could have some celestial food with a side dish of cherubs’ buttocks. Then he makes up ingredients for an enormous portion of polenta with stuffed chicken. He imagines how he cooks it and eats it (even the spoon comes down). But then he must face the bitter facts – there is no polenta, no stuffed chicken, no spoon. But there is a fly….

By the way…I would vote for him if he would run here as he did in Milan some years ago…
Vote Dario Fo


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