Out of the broom cupboard

So it turns out Dumbledore was gay. Which of course explains the Grindelwald infatuation and this description of Dumbledore’s looks in the first book: “He was wearing long robes, a purple cloak which swept the ground and high-heeled buckled boots”. I always wondered a little at those high-heeled boots…


But besides this the revelation has no real impact on the content of the Harry Potter books. What it may influence is the perception of the books and as to that I consider it important.

One commentator writes: “It seems like she’s trying to throw a bone to the gay community for some reason, and the result is now going to be a lot of uncomfortable conversations between parents and their kids.”

If that’s true then I think the news are good news. Please have that conversation with your kids! Uncomfortable indeed! But then I may be biased from having attended a gay marriage when I was ten. Doesn’t feel like it did me any harm (would of course depend on the definition of harm)… and as to uncomfortable – never.

The extremist Christian groups who have hated Rowlings’ books from day one have been blessed with yet another reason to burn the books and the Polish politicians who were chewing on the meagre bones of Tinky Winky’s alleged homosexuality have now some real business to attend to. Just too bad the Poles threw them out of government the day before yesterday:-D

As to the immediate future I love this comment found here.

“Kudos to Ms. Rowling for not being afraid of the “family values” bullies. The revelation that Dumbledore is gay will not detract from the stories one little bit unless bigoted people allow them to. I predict next year’s Pride parades will have beautifully attired Dumbledores in abundance.”

Looking forward to that!


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2 Responses to Out of the broom cupboard

  1. jensdrejer says:

    I can just imagine that: lots and lots of Dumbledores in long robes, purple cloaks, high-heels and … maybe waving their magic wands?

    Gay Pride is gonna be fun 😉

    Or imagine my boyfriend swooning into the bedroom: “Watch out – here comes Dumbledore!”.


  2. Mercurial Georgia says:


    This is going to be especially great for the older queers who might fit into their leather so well anymore!

    …as for me, I’m going as a witch to a glbt Halloween party…the trouble thing is, the dyke stereotype is flannel and short colour hair, not fab, so I don’t know if it’ll mean as much if I go that way. I got the pretty fabric for a cloak though. Maybe when it’s warmer next summer I’ll go as Tonks! Remus/Tonks = lavender marriage love

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