It has been a bit quiet here, I know. I returned to Copenhagen after a pleasant and effective month of studies and joie de vivre in summerly Rome and was hit by autumn. In the shape of a cold and in the shape of all that I love about autumn: bright and cold days with brilliant colours, tea, dishes like osso buco, and good reads. And with work I just didn’t get to the blogging. Especially not as I went to London after only a week in Copenhagen. I went to look this guy a little more in the eye:

Henry Fuseli, Self-portrait.

I had some wonderful days in the print rooms of the British Museum, Tate Britain and Victoria & Albert Museum. Fuseli was of Swiss origin but lived a large part of his adult life in the UK, so there are a lot of his works there. I had been granted a sum from the Krista & Viggo Petersen Foundation to travel to London and Zurich to see the most important Fuseli drawings. Zurich was done in June and London now.

I can really recommend going to a print room. In general. And particularly to the print room of the British Museum. They have a marvellous collection of… everything – as long as it’s on paper. I have been there several times to see some of their renaissance drawings: Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo. Later some of William Blake’s illuminated books and now Mr F. The service is very good and you are always met with a smile. Go here to read more.

But London has more to offer than magnificent drawings. Grey, drizzly weather in Kensington Gardens for example. Which just happens to be one of my favourite autumny places in any weather.

Fortnum & Mason has some very nice scones to be eaten with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

And then you can just enjoy yourself. As me and my sister did…


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2 Responses to London

  1. philosophyoflife says:

    A delightful post and all the more appealing given your descriptive together with the self-portrait of Henry Fuseli – captivating and I think I shall pop into the British Museum next time I am in London.

  2. anninateatime says:

    Do that! I can also recommend the print rooms of The Ashmolean, Oxford; Kunsthaus, Zurich; Gemäldegalerie, Berlin; and my very own (if I may say so) at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen.
    And thank you for your kind words:-)

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