So what am I up to these days? Well – studying and feeling clammy. It rained hard today and there was some thunder, but it dried up very quickly and there was no difference in humidity before and after. Too bad since it’s very humid and kind of hot too.

The view from my window. With rain!

So studying. Yes. I have been keeping a good pace with my thesis the last days after returning from a short but necessary trip to Copenhagen for my granny’s funeral. A trip that also afforded some nice quality-cat-time.

Myself and Theo the Cat

I normally spend my morning in the library, then I take a long break, eat lunch and then I return to my studies either in the library or in my room in the afternoon for some follow up on the morning’s exercises.

In the evening I dine with my fellow fellows (…) or go out with my friends.

Tomorrow I will venture an expedition to the American Academy far far away on the Janiculum. Two busses, a total of 22 bus stops and a 1000 metres’ walk to and from the busses. Down-hill and up-hill. But they have some books I need and it’s a beautiful place. So today I got my letter of introduction from the secretary here at the Danish Academy and it’s all very nice with “dottoressa Anna” this and “dottoressa Anna” that.

Hopefully this clammy atmosphere will have seized a bit and if not then at least some change of scenery might do the trick.


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3 Responses to Humidity

  1. jensdrejer says:

    Who´s Theo? Well, he looks absolutely wonderful!

    Sorry about your granny.


  2. anninateatime says:

    Theo is my parents’ cat. Good old Theo!


  3. Rasmus says:

    wow. Theo looks pretty comfy:) and so do you:) Great blog. Here in DK everything is still pretty much the same… oh did you hear that someone stole the gold horns…. 😉 ironically that has been the top story in Danish media for 4 days… crap! So you are not missing out!

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