How thick can you get?

Today Danish newspapers report that the famous iron age golden horns (from around the year 400) have been stolen from a small museum in Jutland that had borrowed the pieces from the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Guldhornene. Golden horns

But then…the horns had already been stolen… back in 1802. Here is a snatch from the website of the National Museum:

The most famous find of gold from the Iron Age consists of two golden horns, each weighing approximately three kilos, discovered near Gallehus ind Southern Jutland in 1639 and 1734. Both horns were put on display in the Royal Cabinet of Curiosities. In 1802, they were stolen by a goldsmith, Niels Heidenreich, who had already melted them down by the time he was apprehended.

So… actually the horns stolen yesterday were copies made of silver and hardly worth a dime economically speaking.
A curator from the museum states: “What a strange idea to steal the golden horns…”
Their only worth lies in them being cultural heritage and that is worth a lot! Still I don’t think the thieves are interested in history – I think they are interested in gold which just makes them this year’s biggest asses.


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