Massimo Silenzio

Last night I saw one of the most breathtaking spectacles: Massimo Silenzio in Circo Massimo here in Rome.
All of Circus Maximus was littered with 10.000 globe shaped lamps slowly changing their colour. The artist Giancarlo Neri was behind it with some help by the Italian power company Enel. I went there with a small group of people and all of us were just swept away by the view of this poetic installation. So we just sat ourselves down and enjoyed the slow transformation of colours and patterns (unintended patterns as the lamps were just strewn out) for a long time. Sometimes all the lamps were the same colour and other times they were individual.

Simply amazing!

Have a look:

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To see the photos in a larger size go here.

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2 Responses to Massimo Silenzio

  1. Rasmus says:

    holy sh* that looks like a lot of work! pretty awsome. The urban projects in Copenhagen look a little pale compared:) Go italy!

  2. Rasmus says:

    and absolutely amazing pictures!

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