La Notte Bianca

Last night was La Notte Bianca, the white night, in Rome with lots of cultural stuff going on all night all over the city. The programme was so massive that you could only do a fraction of it so I had picked a couple of things I would like to see beforehand.
After having had dinner with my fellow “borsisti” from the Academy and seeing Pantheon and the Temple of Hadrian with them I went on on my own. Here are some impressions.

Biblioteca Vallicelliana build by Borromini in the 17th Century holds one of Rome’s oldest book collections with books from 1501 to the 19th Century.

All books were bound in parchment which made them look very alike and gave the library a uniform look. Just beautiful.

Walking down the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele I dropped by a couple of 16th Century palaces now housing ministeries and organisations and not normally accessible to the public. This is from Palazzo della Valle and the frescoes are probably by Giulio Romano’s circle. They were very well done and nice.

The museum of the Ara Pacis has a Valentino exhibition on show at the moment. Which explains the red box. But also just to give you an idea of all the happy people in the streets…

More Valentino for my sister.

On my way home I passed Piazza del Popolo where they had an never ending programme of acrobats, music and circus in general.

What a nice white and warm night! Far too many people but then…that’s what it’s all about eh?


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