Lucio Dalla

Last night Rome was warming up for La Notte Bianca that will take place tonight. La Notte Bianca is a cultural manifestation (or so the programme says) with concerts, theatre, poetry slam, open museums and happenings going on all night. And they mean it – last concert is programmed to begin at 5 am in the square of the Campidoglio.

But last night also had something to offer. So I went with a couple of the girls from the institute to Piazza di Siena in Villa Borghese to see a Lucio Dalla concert. I don’t know much about Lucio Dalla but he seems to be one of the big old pop gods of Italian music. It certainly sounded like that. Italian pop when it’s most Italian and most…popish. But it was nice sitting under the pine trees watching all the people and chatting a bit.

Lucio Dalla

Piazza di Siena is actually a racecourse. I have never seen horses there but apparently they do races every once in a while. It was perfect for a large concert like this with the stage posted at one end and the audience on the track and on the sides. And there was a nice atmosphere.

Piazza di Siena, Lucio Dalla

Now I’m looking forward to the real Notte Bianca even though I have been warned of massive queues and extreme masses of people. I’ll keep you posted.


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