The Pancake Club

Yesterday night was one of pancakes since The Pancake Club had one of its meetings. The Pancake Club was founded a couple of years ago by Rikke, Miriam, Hannah and myself.

Hannah baking pancakes

The only statute (which is also the reason for founding the club): to be allowed to eat pancakes for dinner. No supper, just dessert. I know that for some of the members this is crucial as they happen to be married to/soon to be married to men who do not like such decadent ways. Which is also why last night’s meeting was so much more rewarding as I witnessed one of said men eating not only pancakes but pancakes with banana, ice cream, and lavish amounts of chocolate sauce. Maybe it’s due to his becoming a father. Hormones you know.

The Pancake Club has since its creation found yet another worthy member in Janna who caught on very quickly with the nutella. Just the spirit if you ask me even though I do prefer my pancake with vanilla ice cream and blackberry marmalade. At least in this forum. In other forums such as my dad’s pancake workshop I’ll take it with butter, lemon, and sugar any time. Ze French way. But The Pancake Club has opened my eyes to new ways of stuffing the pancake. Some of which I think have to do with the no-supper-thing: i.e. large amounts of fruit which if they weren’t combined with syrup, ice cream or marmalade would be a liiiiitle bit too healthy. And that is out of the question.

Hail to the Pancake and to the wonderful members of The Pancake Club!


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5 Responses to The Pancake Club

  1. Rasmus says:

    Oh yummi! pancakes. Me and my wife had tofeffee (chokolate / caramel covered almonds) for dinner last night. Result: Disney movies on the laptop in the coach and bedtime before 2230…

    sometimes you need to leave all the uptight “adultness” behind, grap the chokolate pancakes and run for cover:) Nice article. Long live the pancake club:)

  2. anninateatime says:

    Toffifee for dinner – yay!!


  3. Ken Albala says:

    Greetings, I would like to bring to your attention a new book entitled Pancake, written by me, just published by Reaktion Books and the University of Chicago Press. It is a small light-hearted study of pancakes around the world. I thought your club might be interested.

    Yours, Ken

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