90 years

It’s my granny’s birthday today. 90 years! Isn’t that amazing?
In 1917 World War I was still going strong. The Russian Revolution was taking off. Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin died. Vera Lynn and Ella Fitzgerald were born. Buster Keaton made his film debut. And my granny was born into a strongly religious family that she ran away from as a teenager. She went to Copenhagen and became a nurse. During World War II she was a resistance fighter helping refugees and other resistance fighters escape the German occupation troops. After the war she married my grand dad and then they had my mother. My granny was never a housewife but kept working until she was pensioned which for her generation was if not unheard of at least somewhat unusual. She has always been a very political being with strong opinions. She also loves classical music and for some years I had the privilege of sharing a subscription to the concert hall with her.
Tomorrow we’ll all have lunch with her siblings to celebrate this magnificent woman!



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One Response to 90 years

  1. amuirin says:

    An amazing milestone

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