Swedish Wedding Happiness

This weekend offered the pleasure of a wedding. My good old cousin Rasmus went and married my cousin-in-law Sarah! Yay!

Actually they had been wed in advance in Copenhagen – a necessary feat since the party took place in Sweden, in the garden of my parents’ house. After weeks of rain everyone were slightly nervous, but the sun came through and cast its beams on a wonderful day with great people.

Here are some impressions.

Urban scepticism facing The Wild.

My sister checking the seating chart.

The Wild becoming acceptable even to urban sceptics. Mmm. Great lamb! And the fire proved useful during the chilly evening.

Champagne carriers.

Since the wedding formally had taken place a couple of days previously the couple had arranged a ceremony with one of their close friends as “the priest”. We went to the gardens of the local castle to get the right romantic feeling. My sister acted as bridesmaid.

Promises of love were fastened to the balloons and sent to the sky.

All of us.

Bridesmaid, assisting toastmaster, happy couple, toastmaster, priest. Look at that wedding dress! Marvellous.

Before dinner my aunt read aloud Winnie the Pooh.

Danish wedding tradition: when the bride or the groom leaves the table the guests are allowed to kiss the remaining party. In this case the groom is being kissed by the female part of the guests (and one cheeky guy). He seems to be enjoying himself…

The garden by twilight.

Happy couple on the dance floor.

Presents were unwrapped Sunday morning after brunch. Most of the guests stayed the night either in tents, on the floor, or at the local bed & breakfast.

Rasmus and Sarah left for Paris this morning. I’m sure they are enjoying their honeymoon!


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