I spent the weekend partying at my uncle’s wedding in Jutland. Lots of happy people in a big tent dining, wining, making speeches, singing, and dancing for hours. Only interrupted by a short walk to the sea where the traditional midsummer bonfire was lit after the mayor’s speech. Some impressions:

The happy couple welcoming their guests. The umbrella was luckily only necessary for some brief moments in the afternoon.

Getting married!

Bonfire on the beach.

As this was midsummer lots of bonfires were lit along the coast. Some of them we could see, others were only discernible by the smoke.

The newlyweds on the dancing floor.

Guests chatting and cooling down after a dance outside the tent where small fires were lit.

The dance floor was pretty crowded most of the evening. Boyd Small and his band played some keeewl blues for us. So cool that I’ll write a post just for them – coming up.

The day after. Some brave guests made it for a morning swim and a game of American sea football.

Such a wonderful and happy wedding party! Just a bit tired now… but for all the good reasons.


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