This summer is one big family celebration. It all started on the 1st of May when my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, then my sister had a party for her 18th birthday (even though it will only be on the 2nd of July), tomorrow my uncle is getting married, next Saturday my cousins celebrate finishing high school and a teachers degree, and finally in August another cousin is getting married! 

But back to the 18th birthday. We celebrated it last weekend in the new Swedish house with lots of the family driving over for cake, dinner, and breakfast on Sunday. The house is big enough for at whole lot of people staying the night, but we will be putting in more beds to stay more comfortably. Anyway – it works.

I had stayed in the house from Thursday to study and had a great time. It was really nice being in the countryside and being isolated for a couple of days. On Saturday the family arrived and we had the most lavish birthday cakes you can imagine. Just have a look!

Birthday Cake
Georgine Cake

This cake and two more came from my favourite patisserie in Copenhagen Conditori La Glace, where I have often had a hot chocolate and a piece of Sports Cake (yes – sport and cake do not have to be enemies).

Sister eating cake
The birthday child having some cake. Some more…

After having relaxed after the cake eating effort, my sister unwrapping presents, and some of us watching Family Guy we cooked a nice dinner. Here is the gentle chaos of a family dinner, and mind you: this is only half the table.

Family dinner

My dad and I made speeches and my other sister announced that her boyfriend has proposed to her (yay!) – more family celebration coming up!

The day after we made a meaty brunch and went to the nearby waterfall to enjoy the nature after the heavy, heavy rain (and food) that had characterised the day before.

Here some of the boys are playing with the sluice that leads water to the water mill just outside the picture.

Water mill and water fall

Some of us also drove down to a mansion we had never seen before – Kronovalls Slott from the 1760s situated beautifully among large trees and baroque gardens.

Kronovalls slott

I am looking forward to return there for some dinner since this is Sweden’s only vineyard. Not that they make the wine from scratch, but they make sparkling wine and sell wine.

What a weekend! And now – off to Jutland for yet another party. I’m being told there will be a Dutch band! More on that later.


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