One of my very dear friends wants me to write something about the Moomin books. Which is only fair when you consider my great affection for Tove Jansson’s characters. As I was doing a picture search in preparation for that post I fell upon this picture:   

Little My

Little My mints!
I imagine how they must be on the strong side! I would love to have such a box since My is my all time favourite character. She is so mean.
Well…my point is, I guess, that I’m too tired to write about the Moomins just now. While you wait be patient and let yourself be inspired by these fellows:



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2 Responses to Moomin

  1. Rughino says:

    In this moment I’m reading again Moominsummer Madness (Farlig midsommar, 1954), in the nearness of the June’s “Solstice” (derived from Latin sol – sun – and sistere – to stand still), known in the northern hemisphere as Midsummer’s Day, 24 June, three or four days after the solstice itself.
    I like very much this nice Scandinavian trolls’ family and their friends.
    As Anna, I love specially Little My; she is a small and very “cattiva”, aggressive and disrespectful. But I identify myself with other characters as Sniff (immature), Fillyjonk (only duties and discipline, and totally irrationally in catastrophes).

    In this Moominsummer Madness I found a new character with whom identify Rughino: Misabel – a very depressed and paranoid, and essentially a good actress!…

    I must talk about this with my analyst…

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Anna!
    I’ve been reading your entries about Moomins. I love them too, and they were definitely my favourite childhood books. Comet in Moominland is my favourite!
    Do you know the music website, Last FM? If not, take a look; it’s free to join. Anyway, I’ve started a group on it called Moominland; it would be great if you wanted to join it. My Last FM user name is MrRutaBaga (strange, I know- it’s a long story!).

    Anyway, best wishes from England!


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