Some ten days ago I went with my family to see my granny in the countryside. We stepped right into the most lovely Danish midsummer landscape and walking to the sea after dinner we had a view of a perfectly calm surface.
Here are some photos.


Harbour Lund

When we returned from our stroll we had lots of wonderful strawberries with cream and sugar.



It was one of those calm summer evenings that you long for when it is a rainy November day. It was magic.


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2 Responses to Summer

  1. Rughino says:

    How nice are your photos of the danish midsummer landscape! And how funny is Mads with the red blanket! One “buffa” expression, that makes me remember of one of yours…

  2. irishpisky says:

    I was very fortunate for many years to be associated with a Danish Company and travelled there many times. Copenhagen and Roskilde were of course my favourites, but also Aarhus and Elsingore was also worth seeing. Must get back again!

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