New Blog

Welcome to my new blog!
Even though this blog has a lot of posts it is still in its infancy. I had another blog with a friend but as the friendship is on hold I cannot post there at the moment and my blogging addiction has to have its outlet somewhere else. Here.

Annina Teatime is the name. The name I gave my avatar for the about ten minutes I tried out Second Life. Second Life was not really me but I liked the sound of Annina Teatime. “Annina” because that is me in the diminutive and “Teatime” because it is always time for tea.

All the older posts are entries I wrote for the other blog. I didn’t bring all my entries, just a selection and I still haven’t had time to move all the pictures and links. Which explains the present dryness of this blog. I hope to look into that over the next weeks.

So here we go!


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