Placido Domingo in the Copenhagen Opera ossia How To Make Your Feet Two Sizes Larger

In April Placido Domingo was in Copenhagen to sing Siegmund in Die Walküre. And. It. Was. Great. So weird that this 65-year-old can sing so well, but he did and seen from the very last row he impersonated a young fellow on the run credibly. He may not be the best actor in the world, there were some embarrassing hand-to-brow-movements but all in all he got away with it.The strange thing about hearing very famous singers live is that it feels completely natural because you just know that voice by heart. I have never been fanatical about Domingo, but I have always liked his voice and he is on quite a few of my favourite recordings including La Traviata, Don Carlo and Aida.The other thing about very famous singers is that the other singers sing better than they usually do. Gitta Maria Sjöberg as Sieglinde was a very positive surprise. I knew she could sing, but this was magnificent! Way to go Gitta Maria! And amazingly enough she and Domingo looked very alike with their dark hair, protruding noses and overdramatical hand movements. They were the most credible siblings I have seen in this opera.With Irene Theorin as Brünnhilde it was just another day at the office. She is always wonderful and as the valkyrie she juggled equilibristically with all the nuances of the character starting off very innocent and happy moving on to troubled and hurt and ending up as a proud young woman ready to face her future. Her scenes with James Johnson’s Wotan were as always shockingly realistic and strong.Susanne Resmark as Fricka she was equal to her frightening impersonation of Klytemnestra in Elektra. The row she had with Wotan about the outcome of Siegmund’s encounter with Hunding was icing and her perfect control over her sneering scorn was impressive.There were some new innovations in the staging (I have seen this production a couple of times before). The most important were that Siegmund and Sieglinde pulled the sword from the tree together and that Sieglinde was awake when Brünnhilde came to collect Siegmund for Walhal.I would have sworn that Sieglinde pulling the sword was just tacky and the old femi-discussion on and on and me throwing up. But actually it worked very well. The way Siegmund gently convinced her to give it a go was a very nice picture of her insecurity vanishing as she meets the love of her life. And her shocked face as she managed to move the sword was quite cute.Having an awake Sieglinde during the dialogue between Siegmund and Brünnhilde made everything more flexible and alive. This scene had some dullness to it before when she was just lying on the ground but now her interaction gave energy to everything. It makes good sense that she too can see the valkyrie since she too is doomed.The orchestra played, in my ears, perfectly. No out of tune horns and just elegant and powerful phrasing throughout the performance.So what’s with the feet growing two sizes, you may be asking…Well I was standing during the whole performance. That was painful. But you know what? I would do it again tonight if Domingo were to sing again./anna

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